Concluding Thoughts on the ERLC Summit

It is clear from the amount of activity on the Twitter hashtag for the ERLC Leadership Summit (#erlcsummit) that this event is necessary and helpful to Christians who want to be equipped in how the gospel intersects with human sexuality. Many accused the appeal to convictional kindness and gospel fidelity in the Summit’s sessions to be misogynistic, homo-phobic, and bigoted. Some even cried hypocrisy that the ERLC would talk about sexuality above other ethical issues. The dogmatism of the culture and the media coverage of these issues demand immediate responses from Christians. The sexual issues of pornography, fornication, divorce, adultery, homosexuality, and more are critical issues that are ravaging both those who claim to be Christians, and those that do not. The widespread destruction, confusion, and antagonism make these topics ones that we as Christians must engage within our churches and the public square.

This ERLC Leadership Summit answers the call in engaging these topics that saturate our culture, and even more pressingly, our churches. It is a foregone conclusion that we all wrestle with these important issues both in terms of living out a biblical sexuality and fighting sexual temptation: pornography, faithfulness and joy in marriage, teenage sexuality, how we teach a marriage culture to our children, manhood, purity both in the marriage covenant and outside of it, and more. Because these issues affect all of us, it is essential that we all receive proper biblical instruction as to how we engage them publicly and privately. With that being said, you need to take advantage of the videos from this Summit. Not only do we need to be equipped ourselves, but we also need to train others to effectively engage these issues with the Gospel of our Lord.

In the future the ERLC will tackle topics of poverty, political engagement, death, medical technology/biotechnology, orphan and widow care, and more. If we want to be trained to think in a biblical, gospel-centered way on all of these issues, then we need to continue to actively engage the ERLC’s resources—reading the website, following the twitter handle (@ERLC), and attending these Summits—for the good of your neighbor, the splendor of the church, and the glory of the King!