ERLC Leadership Summit

B21 is excited to promote an awesome  conference coming out of Nashville, TN this April. Screen-shot-2014-01-30-at-5.02.39-PM-300x193  The ERLC will be hosting a Leadership Summit April 21-23 that will address the gospel and human sexuality to equip pastors and church leaders to speak to these critical issues in their own congregations.

From broken marriages to pornography to homosexuality, we have all seen how sexual confusion and sexual brokenness has ravaged our culture and can deteriorate the integrity of our churches. The ERLC  Leadership Summit is set to tackle this pressing issue head on. With speakers like Russell D. Moore, J.D. Greear,  Matt Carter, Tony Merida, and many more, the ERLC has set up an all star list of leading evangelical voices to explore how the gospel shapes our sexual identities, redeems sexual desire, and sets free those who are held captive to sin’s bondage.

B21 is confident to say that this Summit will be well worth your money, effort, and travel-time. So come listen to great speakers, participate in breakout sessions, connect with other leaders, and discover how your church and local congregations can be a beacon of hope, clarity, and restoration as the gospel is brought to bear on human sexuality.

You can register for the conference or find more information here.