Fault Lines in the SBC

Ashley Clayton, Vice President for Cooperative Program and Stewardship Development, joins Dr. Frank Page, President and CEO of the Executive Committee and Jon Akin of B21 to talk about some fault lines within the SBC. Whether it be Calvinism, CP giving, or age of baptism, there are certain points of tension between Southern Baptists that could affect our cooperation in the advance of the Gospel. Let’s  join in on this conversation and all be willing to openly discuss these issues in order to promote unity and cooperation moving forward.     

Fault lines within the SBC – Ashley Clayton, Frank Page, & Jon Akin from CP SBC on Vimeo.

B21 would like to thank the Cooperative Program for hosting such pertinent, timely, and engaging discussions at their convention booth. They have made all of their video sessions available for free online. Make sure you avail yourself of these great resources!