Fault Lines Within the SBC Panel

At the SBC 2014 the Executive Committee hosted a lot of quality events at their Cooperative Program booth from TED talks on pressing issues to panels with helpful discussion, and in case you missed it, B21 will be extending some of these resources to you!
In this panel, “Fault Lines Within the SBC,” Frank Page, the President of the SBC Executive Committee, and B21’s Jon Akin talk about fault lines and challenges in the SBC:
  • What are the things younger and older pastors value?
  • What fault lines are bringing pressure to the SBC? Theological fault lines like Calvinism vs Non-Calvinsim? Methodological fault lines like how do you do church and missions?
  • What should we think about the decline in baptism numbers?
  • What will the SBC look like in 25 years?
  • And more…

Take a few minutes to enjoy the panel and join this necessary conversation. Also, be on the lookout for additional resources that will be posted in the coming days.