Southeastern’s Spurgeon Center

The Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary served as a major sponsor for our luncheon and along with that sponsorship we give them the opportunity to share about what they do as they seek to equip students. Check out the letter from the Director of the new Spurgeon Center–an awesome resource to equip both students and pastors for effective, disciple-making ministry.

The best education is education in the best things, wrote Charles Spurgeon. Fortunately, we are not left to our own devices to determine the definition of best things. Though some might argue or seek to raise themselves up as prophetic “Websters,” God Himself provides the dictionary and illustration for us of best things in His Word. They bring Him glory and further His mission.

No, the challenge might be found more in the education part. How do we best equip ourselves and train others in the best things? As an educator in the local church and the academy, this is a question that occupies a great deal of my day. For many years I have had the privilege of leading and serving with people in both arenas who have developed effective and creative educational methodology. Though we are still learning, I do believe right now more than ever before, we are getting closer to, doing better at, and growing in our understanding of…best. For us to take these last steps we had to overcome an unnecessary barrier and reject a false dichotomy that some have raised between the seminary and the local church.

At Southeastern Seminary we truly believe that theological education is best when done in partnership with the local church and not somehow in competition with it. Leadership and ministry skills development should be an intentional part of every local church ministry. They are necessary niches of discipleship.

We have therefore created an intentional bridge between the local church and seminary called the C.H. Spurgeon Center for Pastoral Leadership and Preaching. It exists to equip and encourage pastors to lead healthy, disciple-making churches for the glory of God around the world. We offer assistance, resources and training to our students, as well as to pastors and churches, to further equip them to serve well in the crucible of real life ministry. We recognize our responsibility to equip Great Commission-minded local church pastors who preach the Word and lead biblically.

There are vital questions that demand a response such as: What is the role of a pastor? What does a pastor need to know? What does a pastor need to do? We believe the best way to educate leaders with biblical solutions to these questions is in conjunction with local churches and networks of churches. The center supports this network of cooperative relationship by providing:

  1. Ministry to pastors including consultation, prayer, sabbatical opportunities and support.
  2. Ministry preparation and continuing education for pastors through special events, online resources and curriculum.
  3. Field-based training for churches through our EQUIP Network and Field Ministry
  4. Specific research and writing in areas of pastoral leadership and preaching

The field-based training arm of the center, the EQUIP Network, allows church leaders and interns to earn significant academic credit to be earned while serving on the field through mentoring relationships with pastors and by further training through distance learning. EQUIP also provides a network of mutually edifying relationships in which participants from the various churches and ministries communicate, encourage, teach, and challenge one another. This sense of community is at the heart of the EQUIP Network.

When I played football and lacrosse, I had to work out all week together with the rest of the team in order to get ready for the game on the weekend. They call that “practice” for a reason. I would never have learned all I needed to know in the locker room or through the play and rule books. We all need to get out on the field and work it out together. Some learn best by doing. The Spurgeon Center with its EQUIP Network allows you to continue your education in the best things out on the field in the practice of ministry. Check us out today by clicking here!

Dr. John Ewart

Associate Vice President for Global Theological Initiatives

Director, C.H. Spurgeon Center for Pastoral Leadership and Preaching