The College at Southeastern: A Changing College for the Sake of the Nations

If you haven’t already, you should take a look at the College at Southeastern. It’s a great institution with solid, and expanding, degree options. What is more, it’s a place where you or someone you care about can be instructed by professors who are passionate about the church, the Great Commission, and training people to take the Gospel to the nations. From top to bottom the College at Southeastern is passionate about Jesus, his Church, and reaching the nations. What could be better said about an institution?

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary served as a major sponsor for our luncheon and along with that sponsorship we give them the opportunity to share about what they do as they seek to equip students. Check out the letter from the Dean below, and take you a look at the College of Southeastern.

Southeastern has always had a great college. But recent changes and additions have positioned the college to do much more than ever before. As always, we continue to be an institution focused on the church, Great Commission, and training people to take the Gospel to the nations. Yet, we have given fresh attention to our curriculum and found ways to make it better.

What Has Changed?

The college continues to offer all the programs that make it distinctive. For example, we continue to read the Great Books of the Western tradition, study Christian theology, and offer a variety of exciting degree programs like Theology, History, English, Pastoral Ministries, and Humanities. Overall, this well-rounded curriculum enables students to articulate and defend the Christian faith wherever God may place them. Within the past year, however, we have made some significant changes to our curriculum. For example, while we have kept the History of Ideas program, we have rebuilt it to give it greater clarity and focus. We have also given a major overhaul to our undergraduate missions curriculum. We began by creating all new courses for this program to draw from intercultural & cross-cultural studies, theology, apologetics, language, and missiology. Next, like our graduate programs, we built into this program a significant portion of the degree that must be earned on the field. In most cases, students serving overseas for six months in places like Taiwan, Germany, or the Sudan fulfill this part of the program. Finally, to better reflect the well-rounded nature of this program, we changed the name of this program from “Missions” to “Global Studies.”

What Has Been Added?

Finally, we’ve recently added four new undergraduate degree programs that will help us place students in churches, the mission field, or in some other vocational setting for kingdom influence. Our new undergraduate Philosophy degree (BACS and Philosophy) is designed for those who want to do apologetics, Theology, or anything else that requires intellectual rigor. The new Biblical Studies degree (BACS and Biblical Studies) provides 18 hours of biblical languages and an additional 18 hours in biblical theology and book study. This degree is ideal for those that want to pastor or teach the Bible. Our new Worship Ministry degree (BACS and Worship Ministry) is for those that want lead worship in the local church, but want something beyond basic training in music. This program’s primary focus is on theology, the Bible and ministry preparation. Lastly, our new History/Pre-Law degree (BACS and History/Pre-Law) is for those that want to serve Christ in the public square or possible in the legal profession.

In short, the College at Southeastern continues be the wonderful place it has always been. But recent changes have given it a greater ability to train students for Gospel ministry and send them to strategic places. These changes and additions open new doors for our students and make the College at Southeastern an exciting place to prepare for ministry.   James K. Dew, Jr., PhD Dean of the College Associate Professor of the History of Ideas and Philosophy