Do Better Bible Study This Christmas with Logos

Blog-image--Baptist-BP-Christmas_NEW During Christmas time, churches and ministries are in full-swing—decorating the building, holding Christmas festivals, and putting on Christmas cantatas. There’s just no slowing down for pastors during the holiday crunch time. Tack on preparing sermons and teaching small groups and ministers are absolutely stretched for time. The hours spent in the study turns into a time-sink that could be better used on other tasks screaming for attention.

Logos Bible Software was designed to help pastors get the most out of their limited study time by providing digital tools and beloved resources that maximize their research of the biblical text. Dive into any given text with the Passage Guide, usefully bringing you all of the commentaries, sermons, journals, and outlines in your library—simply click on the resource in the Passage Guide and Logos automatically opens it to the section that deals with your passage.

Now, with our specialized Baptist packages, you can study Scripture along such luminaries as Charles Spurgeon, Andrew Fuller, John Dagg, and more. Study the Psalms in your preferred translation while linking them to The Treasury of David, Spurgeon’s devotional commentary on the Psalms. Bring Fuller’s thoughts alongside your sermon preparation in the Sermon Starter Guide. Or even do advanced searches in the works of your favorite writer and find that perfect quote for the Christmas season.

Since the holiday season already puts a strain on pastors, we’ve partnered with Baptist21 to provide Logos 6 Baptist base packages for 15% off the retail price! Also, if you own any resources that are in the base package, you get a dynamic discount because of the resources you already have. Take advantage of the lowest price on the best Bible software ever and prepare this Christmas to proclaim the coming of Jesus to your church. Save hundreds of dollars on Logos 6 Baptist today—don’t wait though, discounts expire at midnight PST December 31st. After that, you’ll never be able to get 15% off Logos 6 Baptist again.

Save this holiday season on the best in Bible softwareget Logos 6 Baptist today!