Eight Steps to Protect Your Church


Having legally strong foundational documents took on new importance this past June with the Supreme Court’s decision regarding marriage. Questions are flying about how churches can protect themselves if they do not believe in the court’s new definition of marriage. Why does this matter? Because if you do not define what your church believes and make sure you fall outside of the court’s jurisdiction, by default the new definition is accepted as what you believe about marriage.

unnamed-2 Documents are important! Your church by-laws (or constitution if you are unincorporated) is the most important document (not the Bible) in the eyes of the court. This is sad but true. The world does not care what the Bible says, and this is why you must bring the Bible into all the world’s documents (i.e. your by-laws). It’s time for your church to be sure what is in its foundational documents, and as far as those documents go, it needs to operate as a business. So how do you know your documents are up to date? And how can you improve what you have right now? I am a practicing attorney in the area of church law and I want to share a 45-minute presentation I recorded entitled, “8 Ways Your Church Can Improve Its By-laws.” This will give you the fastest way to get started. Check out this preview. After watching the preview, I hope you catch the importance of making sure your church is on a firm foundation legally. It was my passion to protect churches and pastors that led me to put together some important information. I want to give it to you free, and I would love for you to share it with others! Click here to watch the full video presentation.  It will help you understand the most important next steps in protecting your church. unnamed (1)

If you need more help, we are here for you at the Church Counsel. We offer two options for drafting or modifying by-laws. One method helps you “do it yourself” with instruction I give you plus suggested language. The other method is custom analysis and drafting where we do all of the work for you. We would love to help, whichever method you choose. You can check out the prices and details here. To help you get started on this very important project, I am offering $100 off of our By-Law Modification Essentials package or our Custom By-Law Modification package. Use Promo Code: 8STEPS to get the $100 discount! The most important thing is for you to make a decision to get started. I am here to help in whatever way you choose. At the Church Counsel, our goal is “Church Law Simplified,” so please don’t get overwhelmed – – let us help you!