The 2015 B21 Panel Book List

One of the joys of hosting the Baptist21 Panel at the SBC is the opportunity to give away great resources to our attendees. This year, we will give away 12 books to our attendees for FREE. We have listed the books below. If you have yet to register for our event, then make this the reason! You can register here.

Hope you enjoy the books!

  • Church with Jesus as the Hero by Dr. David Prince
  • Life in Community: Joining Together to Display the Gospel by Dustin Willis
  • Preaching Christ from Proverbs by Dr. Jonathan Akin
  • Forward: 7 Distinguishing Marks for Future Leaders by Dr. Ronnie Floyd
  • Firmly Planted: How to Cultivate a Faith Rooted in Christ by Dr. Robby Gallaty
  • The Joshua Code 52 Scripture Verses Every Believer Should Know by Dr. O.S. Hawkins
  • Exalting Jesus in Galatians: Chris-Centered Exposition Commentary by Dr. David Platt and Dr. Tony Merida
  • HCSB Compact Ultra-thin Special Edition Bible
  • Glory Hunger by J.R. Vassar (e-book)
  • Engaging with Muslims by Dr. John Klaassen (e-book)
  • Sexual Brokenness and the Hope of the Gospel edited by Russell Moore (e-book)
  • Protecting Your Ministry booklet by ADF and ERLC (e-book)

On top of these 12, we will also be giving away some copies of Dr. Russell Moore’s new book Onward and Exalting Jesus in Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi from the Christ-Centered Exposition Commentary Series. We have a limited number of these. Attendees will also receive a copy of Light Magazine with the title “Marriage Redefined?,” as well as many other gifts and information from our sponsors.

We are able to do this because of the generosity of many publishers. We would like to thank the following for allowing us to give away these books to you!

Finally, don’t miss the books! Register for our event TODAY. We have already had to change rooms and tickets are moving fast. Register now!

Ronnie Parrott