What Then Shall We Do? Perspectives on Recent Racial Tragedies


With the recent tragedies of fatal shootings outside of St. Paul, Baton Rouge, and Dallas, it is critical that all Christian leaders both think through this pressing issue well and lead their people to do the same. Racial tension is a problem in our country, and we as Christ-followers must be in the forefront as our nation strives for peace and justice.

People are asking questions about how to think through the issues and what to say. Below are some articles that have really helped us understand, frame, and think through these issues–especially as we all begin to ask “What then shall we do?”


Brian Davis: “The Recent Shootings and What to Say this Sunday”

Russel Moore:  “How Pastors Can Address the Shootings this Sunday” and “What Shootings and Racial Justice Mean for the Body of Christ”

Matt Hall: “Breaking the Silence”

Trillia Newbell: “An Invitation to Fast and Pray in the Wake of Tragedy”

Derwin Gray “Racial Reconciliation as a Gospel Imperative”