B21 Panel Featured Resources


As the 2018 Baptist 21 Panel approaches, we want to highlight some featured resources that our attendees should expect to receive:


Christian Standard Bible

Having been developed by one hundred scholars across seventeen different denominations, the recently released CSB has was translated with “optimal equivalence” in mind.  The intention behind this translation was to provide its audience with a highly readable, textually faithful product.  It is ideal for both personal study and the public proclamation of the Word of God. David Platt praises the CSB as “rigorously faithful.”  Danny Akin says it is “ideal for Bible study, reading, teaching, and preaching.”



My Affliction for His Glory

Daniel Ritchie

In his new book, My Affliction for His Glory, Daniel Ritchie chronicles the unique challenges of his life as a man who was born without arms.  Ritchie’s aim is to help his readers understand their value and purpose through the lens of the gospel.  This inspiring autobiographical account will help the reader embrace this life’s adversity “with grace and creativity.”




Living Without Worry

Timothy Lane

Timothy Lane takes an insightful look at the overlap between God-honoring concern and the sin of worry. In this text, Lane helps readers carefully navigate how to identify worry in their lives and what to do once they’ve uncovered their sin.  His pastoral voice and practical insight provide a biblical framework for anyone who is overwhelmed by worry to experience freedom in Christ. Dr. Eric Johnson of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has called it “grace-saturated” and “Christ-centered.”



How the Gospel Shapes the Sanctity of Life

Russell Moore

Dr. Russell Moore, president of the ERLC, commends his reader to rightly see the sanctity of human life in light of the reality that all humanity is created in the image of God.  He implores the reader to  “stand up and say, “The image of God is more significant and more important than anyone’s definition of usefulness.”‘  This helpful text provides pastors and leaders with a consistent and biblical approach to a culturally significant issue.


Unseen: Angels, Satan, Heaven, Hell, and Winning the Battle for Eternity

Jack Graham

Written through the lens of personal experience and biblical truth, Dr. Jack Graham examines the supernatural realm.  Graham dispels rumors, proclaims truth, and offers practical guidance on topics like heaven, hell, angels, demons, and more.  Dr. Graham served two consecutive terms as the Southern Baptist Convention president and is the pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas.