Baptist21 is excited to announce a two-year partnership with the International Justice Mission. IJM is a global organization with a plan to eliminate the slave trade everywhere. IJM rescues slaves, works with police to throw slave owners in jail, and work to put the slave trade out of business. IJM has rescued more than 49,000 people from slavery and other forms of violence. 

Due to urgent need around the world (over 40 million people are enslaved – more than at any other time in history), Baptist21 wants to partner with IJM in the fight to end slavery and injustice. In order to see the end of slavery for good, IJM desires for churches to commit use of their talents, resources, influence and prayers in the fight against slavery.

I have personally partnered with IJM and would commend their ministry to you. I am excited about this partnership with B21. 

In this partnership, IJM will be a primary sponsor of our SBC 2019 Lunch Panel. In addition, IJM and B21 will partner on the following events:

  • Freedom Sunday:An initiative where churches dedicate a Sunday service to sharing about God’s heart for justice and calling their congregations to step into the fight against slavery – Learn more and sign up here!
  • Regional SBC Pastor Gatherings: These will be gatherings of SBC pastors in key cities for a time of lunch, prayer, and justice focus. Sign-Ups to be announced at B21 Panel SBC 2019 in Birmingham. 
    • Dallas, Spring 2020
    • Nashville, Summer 2020
  • Visit to an IJM Field Office with B21 Pastors: 
    • Ghana, April 18-23, 2020
    • Dominican Republic, August 9-13, 2020