Baptist 21 writers Jon Akin and Walter Strickland recently sat down with Chad Bresson to do a radio interview for THE PATH. The Path is a Christian radio station that broadcasts out of Cedarville University. Bresson asked Baptist 21 about the events of the Convention and what is in store for Baptist 21. You can check out the interview here.

Here are some of the questions asked in the interview:

  1. Tell our listeners about Baptist 21.
  2. Why would someone want to join the Southern Baptist Convention in 2009?
  3. Why are young people not excited about the SBC?
  4. Baptist 21’s vision sounds simple. Why is it necessary?
  5. Is there a generation gap in the SBC?
  6. On Baptist 21 you mention participation in the annual meeting as a problem the SBC. Can you still say that after this year?
  7. As younger ministers in the SBC what is Baptist 21’s vision for the SBC?
  8. What concerns you most about the SBC?
  9. Why is it that the SBC is distracted from being “Gospel-centered?”
  10. How can Baptist 21 change the lack of gospel-centeredness in the SBC?
  11. Why is the Great Commission Resurgence a good thing in SBC life?
  12. “2 Years from now Baptist 21 will be a success if…”?

You can also listen to interviews done at the SBC with: Danny Akin, Johnny Hunt, Ed Stetzer (2nd part), Alvin Reid, Mark Dever, JD Greear, Albert Mohler, and others.