Baptist21 Podcast: Interview with Dr. David Nelson (pt. 2)

podcastIn Part One, Dr. Nelson addressed why he is a Southern Baptist, why he believes in a “good ecumenism,” why he is committed to being Baptist, that a major problem in the SBC is that we do not agree on the gospel, his understanding of the gospel, the necessity of theological triage, and why he thinks we need to examine restructuring our convention.

In part two he addresses more topics concerning Southern Baptists. The questions asked are printed below. You will want to hear his answer to the final question, as he addresses NAMB, state convention giving on to the national convention, churches giving straight to Nashville counting as CP givers, and the ERLC.

Dr. Nelson Interview (pt. 2)



  • How do you determine what is appropriate in corporate worship, what are some concerns you have in corporate worship trends, and how do we go about addressing those concerns in our churches?
  • How would you go about training your people that music is not about music preference?
  • What are the biggest challenges facing evangelicalism in the 21st century? And, even more focused, what are the biggest challenges Southern Baptist in the 21st century?
  • Who are some models as Pastors that are teaching the Scriptures well to their people?
  • “If you were King for a day of the SBC,” What would you change to make it more effective and what do we need to focus on to be Baptist in the 21st century?

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