Baptist21 Podcast: Interview with Young D.C. Church Planters (part2)

Part one of the Restoration Church Podcast Interview

Baptist21 believes that the GCR will only become a reality through Church Planting. The Church is the chosen means by which God is doing His work in the World. Missions, Evangelism, Teaching, Discipleship, and Calling out the Called are given to the Church. This is so with the Great Commission. If we want to see a Great Commission Resurgence happen, it will be done through healthy church planting that encapsulates healthy discipleship. This means that Church planting is vital to a GCR.

dc-planters-300x199This is why the baptist21 podcast wants to highlight young men who are taking on this endeavor in tough places. Two such guys are Nathan Knight and Joey Craft. These two men and their families are team planting (they will get into why they think this is best in one of the three parts of this interview) in Washington D.C. They are doing this work through NAMB and The Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia. Nathan is also moving through the Acts29 process (they also address why they are doing this in part of the podcast). The name of the church is Restoration Church. Check out their website. In addition, check out and join their Facebook group and videos that explain the name and vision of the Church.


Questions from Part Two of the Podcast Interview with Nathan Knight and Joey Craft:

  • Why team planting?
  • Have there been any frustrations in the planting process?
  • Due to these frustrations, can you understand why many are partnering with some networks outside the SBC? Are you partnering with another network?
  • What advice do you have for those that are hoping to plant?
  • Why is it so important to you that those that want to plant get involved in their local church?
  • Would you recommend being planted out of a host church?

We hope you will get to know some of the wonderful things going on in the SBC, seen in the lives of the young people we are training and going out. B21 sees these two men as like-minded brothers who are seeking to make a difference for King Jesus in a tough area. They believe in and are committed to the Southern Baptist Convention, though they believe that there are things that need to be improved. They believe that there is great potential with the SBC. They are committed to strong theology, Baptist Distinctives, the power and authority of the Scriptures, Training Men, Missions, and Church Planting of Gospel-Centered Churches (though there is some frustration with the current processes of church planting in the SBC and this is addressed in the 2nd part of this podcast).  This is the heartbeat of baptist21. This is why Baptist21 is excited about the work these two young men are embarking upon. We believe the future of the SBC rests on young men like this. Baptist21 is excited about the future of the SBC, if it looks like this. We are grateful that we are meeting more and more like-minded brothers every day. We hope this will only continue, for the sake of the Name.

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