Unburdened: New Book by Vance Pitman

Longtime friend of Baptist21, Vance Pitman, recently released a book called Unburdened: Stop Living For Jesus So Jesus Can Live Through. We actually had the opportunity to discuss this new work with Vance, via our podcast, earlier in 2020.

As a gift to our readers, Vance is offering a significant discount code if you purchase the book from the publisher. Use code BAP21 at checkout by the end of May to take advantage of this discount. For more info about this book, to purchase, or to read a free sample, click below:

Book Overview: “Las Vegas pastor Vance Pitman spent almost a decade of his Christian journey trying hard to live the Christian life. For years he strived–and for years he failed miserably. In Unburdened, Vance closely examines the life of Jesus in the Gospels to reveal the soul-awakening truths that have set him and many others free from the burden of religion. With raw honesty and real-life applications, he helps you escape the exasperating cycle of trying to live for Jesus and shows you the power of discovering the joy of a love relationship with Jesus.”

Endorsements: David Platt, Fred Luter Jr., Kevin Ezell, Ed Stetzer, JD Greear, Thom S. Rainer, Matt Carter, and more!