Roe Vs. Wade Overturned

After 50 years and 63+ million babies aborted, Roe vs. Wade has been overturned and the federal government no longer recognizes abortion as a constitutional right in America. We praise the Lord for this!

We are living in a truly historic time. We are now living on the backside of a law that was in existence for almost 50 years. This is a moment many of us, and many before us, have prayed and advocated for. Now we stand at the end of one fight and at the beginning of another.

Abortion will now be decided state by state. Wherever we find ourselves, we must do everything possible to see the preborn and their moms protected in our state. This means we advocate for policies that defend and protect life (pre and post birth), vote for candidates who will protect life, and be willing ourselves to run for office so that we may protect life.

We rejoice in the decision today that is an answer to countless prayers, knowing that thousands of lives will be saved and generations of children protected. We thank God we are at this important moment. We pray God will continue to advance the cause of life in our country until abortion is no longer a reality in any state in our land.

We believe so strongly that churches are to be the first place that women go in their time of crisis to receive care and support, not judgment. One of the first ways we can welcome these women with open arms is to reach them where they are, enter discussions with compassion, and show we understand the often complicated, messy situations they are in.

Let us stand for life in this historic moment by unifying our efforts and continuing our critical work. Let us make the church the most welcoming, helpful, and hopeful place to turn to in these women’s time of need. And let us give our lives, not just to help every child be born in our land, but to be born again, receiving the blood bought saving grace available alone in the Author of Life, Jesus Christ.