b21 Panel Video – Part 2

B21 Panel from SBC Annual Meeting Part 2 from Southeastern Seminary

The b21 Panel took place June 23rd at Sojourn Community Church during this year’s Southern Baptist Convention. The members of the panel were Daniel Montgomery, Danny Akin, Ed Stetzer, Albert Mohler, Mark Dever, and David Platt. The panel discussion is moderated by baptist21’s Jon Akin. The panel highlights included discussion of the the Great Commission Resurgence, the Cooperative Program, State Conventions, Churches that dually align with Acts29, why young pastors should be Southern Baptist, Danny Akin’s apology to the Calvinists for the EC Report, President Johnny Hunt predicting that the Acts29 motions would be thrown under the “SBC bus,” and much more.


Below is Part One of the Panel Video:


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  1. I have no inside information on the Clark Logan situation and honestly, the situation with MC’s rant at the SBC, the resignation and his general opposition to the GCR looks very bad on his part no matter what the truth is.

    However, playing the devil’s advocate, has anyone given any consideration to the fact that MC might actually be withholding the details for Clark Logan’s sake? Obviously, he was not asked to resign for unethical or immoral behavior But could their be a situation where it would be best for all of us NOT to know what happened in order to protect Clark Logan and his family? If so, then there would be a lot of SBC guys who are berating an undeserving man and could end up with egg on their face.

    If this is over a theological/political agenda then I will be the first to call for appropriate measures to be taken. I agree that there needs to be some sort of accountability. I have emailed my own EC representative with concerns over this situation and voiced that very opinion.

    I hope this provokes some thoughts.

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