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GCR_PANEL_sp10-15-of-15Baptist21 was privileged to host a GCR Panel discussion with members of the GCR Task Force at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. The panelists included Danny Akin, Al Gilbert, J.D. Greear, Ronnie Floyd (Via Skype), and Albert Mohler and Johnny Hunt (via video recording). The panelists were clear and direct in answering tough questions that have been raised since the release of the report.

Future B21 Events: B21 would also like to make everyone aware of a panel discussion that we will host at this year’s SBC in Orlando. For more information and registration. Register today and tell others about it.

In addition, B21 will host “Men on Mission” in Missouri May 10 with Darrin Patrick, Alvin Reid, Bruce Ashford, and Kenny Qualls. Click here for more information and here for Registration.

Special Thanks: Baptist21 wants to extend a special thanks to the Media Services department at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Mike Hawley, the Director of Media Services, along with Jon Rice and Ryan Phillips worked very hard to make sure this chapel service went well. We asked a lot of them to weave in skype and video answers and this chapel would not have gone smoothly without their help. Baptist21 is indebted to them.

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  1. Thanks for making this streaming video of the CGR Panel and putting it up on the B21 site! I have to admit that listening to the people on the task force animate their vision is much more compelling than reading PRO and CON writeups on the Baptist Press web site.

    The only thing better would be a live debate, with speakers PRO and CON, addressing the various planks of the task force’s report.

    One thing I have never realized before is the extent that some (many?) consider that the passage of the GCR task force’s report is essentially a condition for remaining connected with the SBC. I have to admit this raises the stakes. In view of this, it is really going to be just about “impossible” to oppose the task force’s recommendations.

    Hopefully the task force is coming out with some sort of compromise or middle ground language relative to “Celebrating GC giving” and discontinuing the “Cooperative Agreements”. Based upon the strong statements I heard coming out of the SEBTS chapel, I’m wondering what “middle ground” is possible. I guess in 72 hours from now, I’ll know the answer to my own question.

    The thing that scares me about this whole thing is that there seems to be a sense of “brinksmanship” going on. The SBC may be crossing the Rubicon right now — as a result of the airing of these issues which heretofore were ‘under wraps’ — regardless of what does or dosn’t happen with the task force report.

    This is not a time to be timid.

  2. I agree with you on Rainer’s terrible rpssonee to the question on why they sell the Shack, and another question on how they determine what books to offer. Knowing he is going to be asked that question, he was incredibly ill-prepared. I can’t believe that he can’t have a 2 minute explanation as to why they offer the Shack, or how they select material. TERRIBLE answer. He seemed put off by the question and the questioner.Contrast that to how Danny Akin responded to the question about Mark Driscoll. Akin answered it respectfully, and very completely, and I was encouraged by his rpssonee that they seek to expose the students to different ministry methods than just those the admin agrees with. Great answer.

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