B21 Panel at Advance the Church

b21-bwBaptist21 is excited to partner with Advance the Church by hosting a Panel lunch discussion during the Monday lunch hour of the up-coming Advance Conference. To be eligible to attend this lunch, you must be registered to attend the Advance the Church Conference. There is an incredible lineup for that event, so REGISTER for Advance the Church today! (see below for more details about the Advance the Church Conference)

About the B21 Panel

B21 Panel Lunch @ ATC Topic: Church Planting vs. Church Revitalization.

When: The panel will be held Monday April 26 during the lunch session of the Advance the Church Conference (Roughly 12-1:30)

Where: In the “Bay” at the Summit Church

Who will be on the Panel:

–       J.D. Greear

–       Johnny Hunt

–       Tyler Jones

–       Ed Stetzer


This event will cost $6 which will include admission and a lunch from Chic Fil A

Register for the b21 panel now right here – there is limited seating (160 capacity)

Questions will include:

–       How do you decide whether to plant or revitalize a church?

–       What are the different skill sets for each type of ministry?

–       What are the different challenges that face each type of ministry?

–       Does preparation for one or the other look the same or different? How so?

–       Should there be more church revitalization in the South and more planting outside of the South? How does the region that one is going to minister in affect this decision?

–       What does it look like to have the gospel central in a church?

–       Does gospel-centrality differ in an established church than in a church plant? What kinds of challenges face both?

–       What are the challenges to gospel centrality?




Advance the Church Conference – Contextualizing the Gospel in the New South

About the Advance the Church Conference – THE SOUTH IS CHANGING. Through urbanization and the vibrant growth of southern cites and towns, the South is becoming a center for innovative, intellectual and cultural growth. Yet, for the first time in its history, the church in the South is declining faster than anywhere in the country.  Advance the Church believes this decline and the exodus away from the faith is due to internal failures rooted in gospel illiteracy and weak gospel contextualization–not due to societal or cultural change. As we stand at this critical turning point, we must be prepared to respond. This conference is committed to equipping pastors, lay leaders, and members to respond by engaging the changing culture of the South with the unchanging message of the gospel.


Conference Location – The Summit Church at the Brier Creek Campus, located at 2235 Presidential Drive, Durham NC 27703

Conference Date and Time – April 26-27, 2010, Sessions will be held from 8:30 a.m. through 5:30 p.m. Full Advance the Church Schedule

Conference Cost – General Registration (ends April 9th): $60 and Late Registration (ends April 23rd): $75

Speakers –

–       Matt Carter – Ecclesia Engaged: For the Joy of the City

–       Mark Driscoll – Contextualization: Defined, Defined, Defined

–       Jerome Gay – The Gospel Applied: Cultures Reconciled

–       J.D. Greear – The Gospel Defined: Keeping the Cross at the Center of the Church

–       Johnny Hunt – The Gospel Unchanging: Faithfulness to the Mission

–       Tyler Jones – The New South: The Problem, The Present, & The Future

–       David Platt – The Gospel Advanced: Radical Sacrifice

–       Ed Stetzer – The Church Defined: Gospel Community in Context

–       William Graham Tullian Tchividjian – The Gospel Unchanging: Contextualization without Compromise


In addition, there is an opportunity to attend an Acts29 Boot Camp – April 28, 2010*

As part of the effort to encourage revitalization within churches, Advance the Church is partnering with the Acts29 Network to provide a church planting boot camp on Wednesday of the conference at Vintage21 in Raleigh.


*Attendance at the Advance the Church Conference is required to attend this one-day boot camp.


For more details about these two events and Advance the Church, visit their website