B21 Panel: Should Believers Baptism by Immersion be Required for Membership?

Recently, Baptist21 hosted a panel discussion on current topics facing the church at the 9Marks Conference at SEBTS. The panelists included: Danny Akin, Thabiti Anyabwile, Matt Chandler, Mark Dever, Tony Merida, and David Platt. The panelists discussed topics ranging from politics to baptism to church membership and more.

This clip considers the questionShould Believers Baptism by Immersion be Required for Church Membership?


The 2 previous clips considered the questions:



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  1. I appreciate brother Thabiti’s “holding the line I for one can’t see how anyone could see it as any other ” mode” than immersion, ” words have meanings”, I don’t mean this as a slight towards the Pedo brothers , but I wouldn’t be part of a church that didn’t hold the same line either , although I’d still fellowship as well as learn from some great men from the ” other side” we can’t deny we’ve been commanded to Immerse ( baptize) an disciple the nations , if discipling is important and teaching then it’s quite clear that immersing ( the original , and intended meaning by the authors) is just as important. Not to salvation itself but as an active obedience which demonstrates the fact if that salvation…

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