B21 Panel Video – SBC 2012

At this year’s Southern Baptist Convention in New Orleans, B21 hosted another panel discussion. The topic for this year’s discussion: The Conservative Resurgence, the Great Commission Resurgence, and the Future of the SBC.

The panelists included: Danny Akin, JD Greear, Fred Luter, Albert Mohler, Paige Patterson, and David Platt.


The topics for the panel focused on:

–       The necessity of the Conservative Resurgence

–       Whether there are areas of SBC life that might indicate we haven’t fully grasped a recovery of the Authority and Sufficiency of the Scriptures

–        The current debates over Calvinism and statements of faith

–       Traditions and Traditionalism

–       Moving forward as a people committed to the Scriptures



So thankful to our sponsors who made this event possible:


–        Lifeway 

–        B&H publishing

–        The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

–        Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

–        Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

–        Criswell College

–        Adoption Journey (a partnership of Bethany Christian Service, Lifeline Children’s services, and Lifesong for Orphans)

–        North American Mission Board

–        International Mission Board

–        G3 Conference

–        Southern Baptist Convention Executive Committee

–       One8 Network