Baptist21 Panel at the 2012 SBC in New Orleans

Baptist21 is excited to announce that we will once again host a panel luncheon at the 2012 Southern Baptist Convention held in New Orleans, Louisiana. The topic of this panel is:

The CR, the GCR, & the Future of the SBC

March marked the 45th anniversary of Judge Paul Pressler and Paige Patterson’s meeting in New Orleans at the Café Du Monde. It was at that meeting that the two became acquainted with each other and learned how much they had in common. Not only did they share a love for beignets, but they also shared a common concern about the effect liberalism was having on gospel preaching in the SBC.

This meeting ultimately launched a movement called “The Conservative Resurgence” (CR) that, by God’s grace, moved the agencies and institutions of the SBC back to biblical orthodoxy. The Baptist 21 generation is the recipient of the faithful work of these men.

They contended for the faith once-for-all delivered to the saints and have passed it down to us. Now, where do we go from here theologically and missiologically?

One answer given to that question has been the recent movement in the SBC called “The Great Commission Resurgence” (GCR). As Danny Akin stated in his message, “Axioms of a GCR,” “The Promise of the Conservative Resurgence was that eventually we would find common, biblical, theological ground that would be more than enough to get us focused on the Great Commission.”

To commemorate the importance of Patterson and Pressler’s meeting in New Orleans 45 years ago, Baptist 21 will call on leaders to tell the narrative of the CR to a younger generation at this year’s SBC, and then ask the question, “Based on what these men fought for and have passed down to us, where do we go from here?”

  • Why was this effort so important that Patterson, Pressler, and others gave themselves to it?
  • How important is theology when it comes to reaching people with the gospel?
  • At last year’s 9 Marks panel Dr. Patterson said he saw the GCR as an outgrowth of the CR. How so? What was the fruit they were hoping for?
  • Where are we at in the implementation of the GCR, and what’s next?

Our panel will be made up of 1st generation conservative resurgents who led the movement, 2nd generation resurgents who fought for the movement, and 3rd generation resurgents who are the blessed recipients of the movement.

Here are the current panelists (more panelists to come):

  • Danny Akin- President of SEBTS
  • Albert Mohler- President of SBTS
  • Paige Patterson- President of SWBTS
  • David Platt- Pastor of the Church at Brook Hills

Join us Tuesday, June 19th in New Orleans during the lunch break of the annual meeting at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, La Nouvelle Orleans Ballroom A/B on Level Two/

Stay tuned for more info!