Baptist21’s Guide to SBC 2022

Just like last year, B21 is providing a comprehensive guide for all things related to the SBC Annual Meeting! Additionally, we have several helpful podcasts you can listen to on your way to Anaheim so you’ll be prepared to take part in the Convention when you make it to the Golden State.

  1. B21’s Guide to the Annual Meeting Program – Check out B21’s commentary on the SBC program including highlights of when to be in the room, explanations of motions/resolutions/business, and much more
  2. B21 Leaders Preview of SBC 2022 – In this podcast, Nate Akin, Jed Coppenger, and Ronnie Parrott discuss their thoughts on the upcoming elections, important potential business and the forth coming recommendations from the SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force (SATF). 
  3. Two B21 Interviews with SATF Members – In these podcasts, B21’s Nate Akin speaks with SATF Members to hear their thoughts on the Guidepost investigation and suggested recommendations. 
           –Interview with Marshall Blalock & Bruce Frank
           –Interview with Andrew Hébert & Marshall Blalock
  4. B21 Podcast Interviews with all 3 SBC Presidential Candidates – Hear from Bart BarberRobin Hadaway, and Tom Ascol
  5. B21 Morning Panel – Be sure to attend our B21 Panel at this year’s SBC gathering, June 14th in the Anaheim Marriott beginning at 6:45AM sharp. This panel is just $5 and features important SBC discussions with panelists: Danny Akin, Tom Ascol, Bart Barber, Dana Hall McCain, Albert Mohler, and Juan Sanchez. Click HERE to register.

As we prepare for this year’s Annual Meeting, please be in prayer for unity, consistency in our convictions and conduct, for the gospel to bear fruit through us in the entire world, for us to love our neighbors well, and for wisdom in all we do in Anaheim.