Theological “TED Talks” from Unite 2019

One of the key features of the 2019 Unite Conference, hosted by the Pillar Network, was the concluding session entitled “Theological TED Talks”. This segment featured 5 theologians providing 10-minute sermonettes in homage to the popular TED Talks format which gained prominence online a few years back. During the theological discussions hosted at Unite, the following speakers and topics were explored:

  • Josh Wredberg, Redeemer Community Church: “Avoiding Moralism in Sermon Application”
  • Chul Yoo, Christ Community Church: “The Heidelberg Disputation
  • William “Duce” Branch, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary: “Don’t Forget Onesimus: The Gospel that Reconciles Us
  • Jeff Hay, Balleycullen Community Church: “Catechizing the Congregation
  • Steven Wade, Faith Baptist Church: “Leading Change Through Exposition

We at Baptist21 feel these talks are worthwhile for both pastors and laity alike and encourage you to watch the video linked below.

*Please note: neither Baptist21 or the Pillar Network are affiliated with TED Talks in any way.