The Pillar Network Discusses COVID-19

One of B21’s partner organizations, the Pillar Church Planting Network, recently hosted a Zoom conversation with around 50 SBC pastors on how they’re addressing the COVID-19 outbreak. Beyond exploring some practical approaches, much of this talk focused on the theological/ecclesiological reasons for engaging certain practices as well as encouragement towards personal soul care.

Dr. Matt Rogers, a church planter, missiologist, and staff member at Pillar, spearheaded this conversation. Throughout the majority of their time together, Dr. Rogers mostly pulled from 3 Pillar pastors:

Others, from what would be considered large churches, were also consulted throughout the 67-minute video, concluding with a Q&A near the close.

While there’s a lot of insightful content out concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, we at Baptist21 felt this particular talk is especially helpful as it covers how various types of churches are reacting to the outbreak.

To view this video, click below.