Baptist21 Podcast: Jon Akin’s Sermon Series “The Gospel and Proverbs” (pt. 1)

wisdom-300x210Proverbs is a favorite book for many Christians. But for many that is because they view the proverbs as “the Hebrew version of Dear Abby” (Russell Moore). They see Proverbs as giving practical tips on how to live life, but the proverbs of King Solomon are MORE than that. Proverbs presents to its readers the path of wisdom that leads to life and the path of folly that leads to death. So, folly is more than immaturity or silliness. Folly is failing to see the world clearly and following a way that seems right but leads to death (14:12). Wisdom is more than mere intelligence; rather, it is viewing the world rightly. There is a moral dimension to wisdom. Wisdom is avoiding the path of wickedness that ultimately leads to judgment and death. To him who has ears to hear the Spirit reveals two things in Proverbs:  1) Wisdom is humble dependence on Yahweh (faith) and 2) Wisdom is NOT a thing. Wisdom is a person you need to embrace! Proverbs presents two competing paths, two competing personas: Wisdom and Folly (cf. Prov. 9). They stand at the street corners and call you into a relationship, but who’s voice will you listen to? If you are failing to meet the wisdom of Proverbs and are walking the path of foolishness in the way you use your tongue, the way you parent your children, the way you handle your money, the way you work your job, and a hundred other every day issues of life, it is because you are not listening to the voice of Wisdom. The Wisdom of God calls out to you with a Galilean accent (1 Cor. 1:24). The question of Proverbs is will you hear the voice of the Greater Solomon (Matt. 12:42)?

Jon Akin is leading his congregation through a study of the book of Proverbs showing them how it points to the Greater Solomon. Week one is an introduction to the series from the Solomon narrative in 1 Kings.

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  1. Hum Am afraid am one of the folks who do it alone. I ask for God’s guindace(sometimes) but mostly I walk alone. I believe this comes from being a single parent and never having to consult with anyone about decision cuz am the only one making them. But am trying to ask for advice from folks I love and respect.

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