Start Well, Stay Well, Finish Well with GuideStone at the SBC

Gathering together for the SBC Annual Meeting is our big family reunion. 

And like any good family reunion, we give hugs to those we love and pick up right where we left off. We extend cheery welcomes to the newest family members, explaining all the quirks of certain personalities and traditions. And, of course, we’ll be praying for our time together, always placing our hope in the One who is greater than our own brokenness.

Our SBC family reunion is all of these things but with A LOT of added benefits just down in the exhibit hall. You can browse the latest Christian books at Lifeway, visit the six seminary booths, learn about the mission efforts of NAMB and IMB and — of course — swing by the GuideStone® booth.

Ministry Partnership in all Seasons of Ministry

You’ve likely visited our booth at a previous annual meeting but may have been in a different stage of life and ministry. So, if you were to stop by again, the conversation with one of our GuideStone representatives would be a little different — from adding coverage for your newest bundle of joy to even discussing your finances and pending retirement years. 

At GuideStone®, our vision is that every servant of Christ finishes well. We come alongside you at every phase of life, providing faith-based solutions to help you enhance financial security and cultivate resilience. Ultimately, our goal is to help you finish well. 

And that can only happen if you start well, stay well and finish well.

Start Well

Starting well usually begins in your younger years of ministry, but it can begin at any age! It’s just important that you start. We want to support you with different financial services and employee benefits — designed for every season of ministry. 

This annual meeting, talk to a GuideStone representative who can help:

  • Enroll you in the SBC Church Retirement Plan.
  • Discuss your health plan and other coverage options.
  • Equip you with financial tools and resources.

It can be a little scary to start the conversation, but we’re ready and willing to help. You’re the reason why we’ve come all the way from Dallas, Texas, to the SBC. We love making these in-person connections!

Plus, many of our representatives have also been in ministry or the mission field, so we’ve been in your shoes. 

Let us help you get settled on the starting line. Your future self will thank you.

Stay Well

By now, you’ve been diligently saving and making intentional choices about your health plans and other types of coverage. But, have you checked in with anyone lately to help ensure you’re staying on track?

Talk with a GuideStone representative about your:

  • Retirement Account
    • Do you need to increase your retirement contributions?
    • Are you properly invested for your age, goals and risk tolerance?
    • Would advisory services benefit you?
  • Health Plans and Other Coverages
    • Do you understand the difference between your deductible and maximum out-of-pocket (MOOP)?
    • How much life and disability coverage is the right amount?
    • Are you maximizing the different benefits available in your plan?

Get the answers to these questions and more when you speak with one of our representatives. Many of the same representatives come back to the SBC year after year, so maybe you’ll reconnect with someone who set you on a good path years ago!

Plus, visit our Wellness Corner in the GuideStone Booth for a blood pressure check or a wellness question. It’s part of staying well, but you can do this at any age!

Finish Well

At this stage, you’re nearing the end of your formal ministry, but that doesn’t mean your ministry and service to the Lord will stop! But, it is time to make confident decisions as you enter your retirement years.

Talk with a GuideStone representative about your:

  • Retirement Account
    • Do you know how claiming housing allowance works in retirement?
    • What is the best way to receive your retirement income?
    • Should you receive or delay your first required minimum distribution (RMD)?
  • Health Plans and Other Coverages
    • When you move to Medicare, will you use a Medicare-coordinating plan through GuideStone?
    • Should you adjust your coverage amounts?
    • Have you considered long-term care coverage?

Or, do you or someone you know need a little financial help? Check out our opportunities through Mission:Dignity®.

  • Refer someone in need or learn how to apply by speaking with a GuideStone representative.
    • Order free Mission:Dignity Sunday materials at the booth to help support retired SBC pastors, workers and their widows in need.
    • Write postcards of support to our Mission:Dignity recipients, and we’ll mail them for you!
    • Pick up a 40 Days of Dignity Devotional, with all devotionals written by our recipients.

Ultimately, we want to help you finish well by caring for you and your family in your later years, so you can continue serving God wholeheartedly.

Serving You No Matter What Season of Ministry

The heart of our mission has always been serving those who serve the Lord. For more than 100 years, we’ve been walking alongside ministers and believers with financial resources to help them start well, stay well and finish well — serving God wherever he leads.

Come by anytime from the opening of the SBC on Sunday, June 9, at 3 p.m. all the way to the close of the exhibition hall on Wednesday, June 12, at 2 p.m. We’ll have onsite GuideStone representatives available to answer your questions and daily giveaways Sunday through Wednesday.

And don’t forget to follow GuideStone so you can see what is happening at #SBC24.

If you’re ready to speak to a GuideStone representative now, contact us at or 1-888-98 GUIDE (1-888-984-8433), Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. CT.

Family, we look forward to seeing you at the SBC!