Panel Discussion on Race

A few weeks ago, the Pillar Network hosted their annual Unite Conference featuring a Panel on Race and the Future of the GCB. B21’s Executive Director, Nate Akin, guided the discussion which included the following panelists:

We would like you to consider watching this panel video for the following reasons:

1) This panel defines important terms related to race that are oftentimes confusing, such as CRT, racism, and being woke.

2) The nature of this panel is strongly geared towards the local church pastor who is thinking through topics of race within the context of local church ministry. In general, the panelists sought to balance the national conversation in light of the more critical local discourse.

3) This discussion promotes the importance of addressing race from a Christian perspective while championing neighbor love, even towards those with whom we disagree.

4) The panelists (many of whom are local pastors) provide some very practical steps for building unity within our churches.

To watch this panel, click below or visit Pillar’s Vimeo page. More content from Unite 2020 will come out soon.