Ronnie Parrott

Sexual Abuse and the Future of the SBC

Nearly three weeks ago, news broke that a large-scale investigation had been undertaken by the Houston Chronicle outlining twenty years of more than seven hundred sexual abuse claims across Southern Baptist churches. This news has hit the SBC hard. It has revealed a weak and pathetic approach to handling cases of sexual abuse on the part […]

8 Suggestions for the Next President of the SBC Executive Committee

Anytime a new leader steps into an organization, change certainly follows. While the degree of change varies from leader to leader, every leader is a change agent. With the SBC Executive Committee (EC) in the process of prayerfully searching for its new CEO, it’s a great time for us to consider what types of changes […]

Introducing #OneforSeven

What difference can one dollar make? Well, one dollar a week from each active Southern Baptist could double the number of IMB missionaries on the field. Our friends at Brainerd Baptist Church and the IMB have just recently rolled out a new initiative called ONEforSEVEN. This initiative encourages each Southern Baptist to give an additional […]

The Louisiana Baptist Convention, CP Dollars and Presidential Politics

Update: I received an email from someone close to Ken Hemphill stating “Ken paid for the website and no CP dollars were used to produce it.” There’s a lot financially that goes into website production and management. Whether a domain name was the only purchase made or Ken is financially covering the costs of maintaining […]

We’re Headed to Dallas

We are thrilled to announce the 2018 B21 Panel at the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, TX! This year marks the tenth anniversary of hosting the B21 Panel during the annual meeting and we couldn’t be more excited to be celebrating in Dallas! Each year we gather around open dialogue with key leaders and ask the […]

Ronnie Parrott’s Reflections on the SBC 2016

(Photo attributed to Baptist Press) The SBC in St. Louis offered many pivotal moments in the life of our convention that will not soon be forgotten. (If you haven’t already, see James Merritt’s amendment concerning the resolution on the Confederate flag and Dr. Moore’s defense of the religious liberty of Muslims and all faith groups) In the coming days we […]

The 2015 B21 Panel Book List

One of the joys of hosting the Baptist21 Panel at the SBC is the opportunity to give away great resources to our attendees. This year, we will give away 12 books to our attendees for FREE. We have listed the books below. If you have yet to register for our event, then make this the reason! You […]

B21 Panel Location Change

Due to ticket sales exceeding the capacity for our room,  we have had to move locations in order to accommodate the amount of registrants. New Location: Battelle Grand Ballroom A/B, which is on the 3rd level Sign up now if you want to secure your spot! Room is filling up quickly. We won’t be able to change […]

Topics & Questions for the B21 Panel

We hope you plan to join us at the 2015 Baptist21 Panel at the SBC. We will discuss pressing issues in the Southern Baptist Convention. What those issues are will be determined by you! We want YOU to help us develop the list of topics and questions we will ask. Do you have something you would like […]

Seven Reasons Why Pastors Should Attend the SBC Meeting in Columbus

This coming June 16-17, thousands of Southern Baptists will gather in Columbus, Ohio, for our annual meeting. In light of the approaching convention, I want to share 7 reasons why I believe pastors should join us in Columbus. 1. Gospel Legacy. This will be the 158th session of our 170-year history. That’s right… 170 years and […]

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