What We Have Learned Since Last Week

Over the past week, since we posted “A Time for Clear Complementarianism and Wise Cooperation,” several responses have been written and we have heard from many pastors. Denny Burk and Mike Stone responded early in the week. Recently, both Robert Hefner and Cody Cunningham shared thoughts in general agreement with our original proposal, with Cody responding directly to Burk. 

We’re encouraged that amongst the various views listed above and other social media interaction, everyone agrees with the complementarian position in the BF&M2000. It’s no small thing to get Southern Baptist’s to agree these days. 

But we also believe that this past week has shown the validity of our call for greater clarity to Article 3.1 and/or the creation of a task force to provide greater clarity for the credentials committee. Concerns that a “half-way covenant” will be created, fail to see that we’re already, functionally, in one. The understanding of the Lord’s Supper is not enforced in the same way that the understanding of pastoral leadership is. Also, the degree to which the BF&M2000 is for entities more than policing churches isn’t clear. Further, the confessionalism that some are arguing for has positives to it, but it isn’t the historic Southern Baptist position, nor the position of the framers of the BF&M2000 or Article 3.1.  

As much as we think we are “task forced out,” it appears we need one to address these issues. A well-measured and deliberate recommendation from a task force best positions Southern Baptists to make a wise adjustment. 

May the Lord give us grace and wisdom in the days ahead!