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Guest Blog: “Why I Am a Southern Baptist” by Alvin Reid

Dr. Alvin Reid is the Bailey Smith Chair of Evangelism Professor at Southeastern. He is a student-favorite on the seminary campus as well as among many high school and college-aged students who have the privilege to hear him speak. He is an author, and we at Baptist21 wait eagerly for his co-authored book with Mark […]

Inerrancy: Does It Really Matter?

People with different theological leanings might find the question in the title of this post a silly one for a couple of different reasons. “Of course it doesn’t matter,” some would say, “All that matters is that the Bible is true when it speaks about issues of faith.” Others however, speaking from a more conservative […]

Greater Things to Come: King Jesus, The Hope of the Nations

We serve a King who is a rescuer, a King who conquers, who defeats, and who heals. He not only puts all His enemies under His feet, He also comforts the hurting, heals the sick, and brings hope to the broken if they run to Him. He conquers the enemies of His children. I encountered […]

Authentic Church: The Kingdom Glory of Regenerate Church Membership

In the wake of a landslide vote to pass the new resolution on regenerate church membership at this summer’s Southern Baptist Convention in Indianapolis, much conversation has rightly been generated among pastors and other church leaders regarding the integrity of church membership and the practical out-workings of biblical church discipline. Even within the past few […]

The Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Story of Noah

The story of Noah has been popularized again and again and again. From Bill Cosby’s comic routine to the newly released “Evan Almighty,” the Noah story is everywhere, including YouTube. This atheist who calls herself “Hellbound Alleee,” posted this video about Noah’s Ark. She explains how ridiculous it is that Christian parents are so concerned […]

Teaching Children the Gospel and Good Works

A few weeks ago our church took over a 100 rising third through sixth graders away for “Kids Camp.” Kids Camp has become legendary at our church. Sure, the legend has something to do with the blob on the lake that sends kids above the tree line. Sure, it has something to do with the […]

We’re on Facebook!

Baptist21 is on Facebook! If you have not joined our Facebook group, please do so. You can connect online with other like-minded Baptists, discuss current issues in the SBC, post information about what’s going on at your church on the wall, and find out what we are writing about on Hop on Facebook today […]

Where Are You From? Family, Work, And The Questions We Don’t Hear

The other day I ran into one of the strangest things that I have seen in a while. There’s a guy living and working in town like he’s living on the other side of the world. You see, over twenty years ago, he moved here to Louisville, but he never changed his schedule. He still […]

Why Are Churches Leaving the SBC?

With a decline in baptisms and membership in Southern Baptist Churches for the third consecutive year, many are asking the question, “Where is everyone going?” Some suggest that the strong leaders of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s are dying without a strong legacy behind them to take the reigns. Others suggest 20 something’s do not […]

“Baptist21 is Thankful for Johnny Hunt and the Days Ahead”

Baptist 21 is grateful for Pastor Johnny Hunt’s preaching passion, personal evangelism, and missions focus. We are excited about his leadership within the SBC, especially in his new role as President. We are energized about his term and the direction that he hopes to take the SBC. Here are some excerpts that give a taste […]

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