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Jed Coppenger

5 Benefits of Two Services

  Four years ago we set out to start a church that would join Jesus in building Redemption City with the gospel—a city where everyone is redeemed, every aspect of life is redeemed, because it is completely centered on the Redeemer (Rev. 21-22). We’ve given our lives to connecting people to Jesus and growing people […]

8 Reasons I’m Grateful For The 2017 SBC

  Another Southern Baptist Convention is behind us. Most of us have made our way back to our homes and are starting to engage in regular life. Hopefully, we are all returning encouraged and challenged to take greater steps forward for the sake of Christ’s kingdom. I pray that all of us have greater hearts […]

The ERLC, Prestonwood, And The Mission

Since 1845, Southern Baptist’s have focused on “… eliciting, combining, and directing the energies of the Baptist denomination of Christians, for the propagation of the gospel….” While it’s true that our faithfulness to this cooperative mission has varied over the years, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with gratitude for the grace of God so […]

5 Life-Giving Ways Christians Can Respond To Relational Pain

  As a pastor in the Nashville area—a place where churches are plentiful and Christianity is profitable—I’ve come across a lot of stories of relational pain caused by professing Christians. This reality is especially unfortunate, since most of the people I have pastored understand far more about what to do with their physical pain than […]

3 Types Of Relational Pain Christians Should Be Prepared To Face

Pain. It comes in many forms. Whether it’s a broken bone or a broken relationship, life in our fallen world means we all will experience some level of pain. And I think most would agree that relational pain hurts far more than any physical injury. And, perhaps, relational pain caused by professing Christians is the […]

Excitement & Concerns For The SBC Presidential Race

Next week Southern Baptists from all around the globe will gather in St. Louis to carry out their annual business. It’s part revival, part business meeting, and part circus. Every year the convention offers great opportunities to renew relationships with old friends, to hear about the work God’s doing, and to discuss how we might […]

8 Recommendations For A Christian Approach To Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday is upon us. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably on the verge of a panic attack from all of the political polls, commercials, and articles. Some people claim the earth will come to an end, if you don’t vote for their candidate. Others claim that the earth could be made new, if […]

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