B21 Panelist Spotlight: Kevin Smith & Russell Moore

      Dr. Kevin Smith Follow Dr. Smith on Twitter @smithbaptist Dr. Smith leads the staff of the Baptist Convention of Maryland and Delaware.  In 2015, while serving the Highview Baptist Church in Louisville (KY), he was elected president of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.  He has studied at Hampton University, the Church of God Theological […]

Gospel Leadership: Why I Believe J.D. Greear Is Right For Southern Baptists

Gospel Leadership: Why I Believe J.D. Greear Is Right For Southern Baptists By Vance Pitman   Vance Pitman is the Senior Pastor of Hope Church in Las Vegas, NV and the City Catalyst for Send Las Vegas. Hope’s congregation has grown to over 3,000 people in small groups desiring to connect people to live the […]

The Time is Now: Why I Will be Voting for J.D. Greear

The Time is Now: Why I Will be Voting for J.D. Greear By James Merritt   James Merritt is the former President of the Southern Baptist Convention (2000-2001). He received his M. Div and Ph. D. from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, Dr. Merritt serves as the Lead Pastor of Cross […]

8 Suggestions for the Next President of the SBC Executive Committee

Anytime a new leader steps into an organization, change certainly follows. While the degree of change varies from leader to leader, every leader is a change agent. With the SBC Executive Committee (EC) in the process of prayerfully searching for its new CEO, it’s a great time for us to consider what types of changes […]

Dr. Paige Patterson and the SBC: 3 Ways B21 is Praying

Most pastors lead congregations that are made up of three types of people: people who love them no matter what they do, people who hate them no matter what they do, and people who are somewhere in between. SBC entity presidents are in similar situations. They have people who love them no matter what they […]

Introducing #OneforSeven

What difference can one dollar make? Well, one dollar a week from each active Southern Baptist could double the number of IMB missionaries on the field. Our friends at Brainerd Baptist Church and the IMB have just recently rolled out a new initiative called ONEforSEVEN. This initiative encourages each Southern Baptist to give an additional […]

Setting the Record Straight: An Exercise in Brotherly Love

When the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) convenes in June, at least two men will be nominated for president: J.D. Greear and Ken Hemphill. Both men are my brothers in Christ and my friends. I love them, and I am extremely grateful for their ministries. I have nothing negative or unkind to say about either one […]

The Louisiana Baptist Convention, CP Dollars and Presidential Politics

Update: I received an email from someone close to Ken Hemphill stating “Ken paid for the website and no CP dollars were used to produce it.” There’s a lot financially that goes into website production and management. Whether a domain name was the only purchase made or Ken is financially covering the costs of maintaining […]

We’re Headed to Dallas

We are thrilled to announce the 2018 B21 Panel at the Southern Baptist Convention in Dallas, TX! This year marks the tenth anniversary of hosting the B21 Panel during the annual meeting and we couldn’t be more excited to be celebrating in Dallas! Each year we gather around open dialogue with key leaders and ask the […]

Platt’s Departure from the IMB: Great Things Behind and Before

Jaclyn S. Parrish worked as a writer for the International Mission Board in South Asia. She currently serves in the United States as a writer, editor, and social media associate for the IMB. You can follow her on Twitter at @JaclynSParrish. I think I sat in my car for a solid twenty minutes. Shoulders hunched. […]

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