One-on-One with Ken Hemphill

Recently, we asked Dr. Ken Hemphill to comment on pastoral ministry, baptist life, and the future of the Southern Baptist Convention under his leadership. What do you miss most about pastoring? I miss most everything about it.  I think the call to pastor the local church is a great privilege.  I miss the continual interaction […]

Why I Am Voting Ken Hemphill For SBC President

Why I Am Voting Ken Hemphill For SBC President by Brad Graves Brad Graves is the Senior Pastor at Ada First Baptist Church. Brad received his education at the University of Arkansas and Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.  To hear more from him, follow him on Twitter at @BradleyGraves Next week, we will gather as an extended family for […]

A New Day In Dallas: Why J. D. Greear Is The Right Man For the Job

A New Day In Dallas by Spence Shelton Spence Shelton is the founding pastor of Mercy Church in Charlotte, NC.  Spence served as the pastor of small groups and spiritual formation at The Summit Church in Raleigh-Durham for 10 years before being sent out by The Summit to plant Mercy Church.  He is the co-author […]

Ken Hemphill: A Gift To Southern Baptists At The Right Time

Ken Hemphill: A Gift To Southern Baptists At The Right Time By Brad Jurkovich Brad Jurkovich is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church in Bossier City, Louisiana. First Bossier is a multigenerational ministry committed to reaching every person, every family so they can experience Christ in every way. He received his M. Div. from […]

Why I Still Support J. D. Greear for SBC President

Why I Still Support J. D. Greear for SBC President by Bill Curtis I was thrilled when I heard that Dr. J. D. Greear was going to be nominated for SBC President two years ago in St. Louis, MO. By now, most Southern Baptists know the story of Greear’s willingness to withdraw his name from nomination […]

B21 Panelist Spotlight: Matt Chandler & Albert Mohler

    Matt Chandler Follow Matt Chandler on Twitter @MattChandler74 Matt Chandler is the lead pastor of The Village Church in Texas.  Under Chandler’s leadership, The Village Church has grown from 160 members to over 11,000 across multiple campuses in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  In 2012, He became the president of Acts 29 and began to […]

An Open Letter To Younger Southern Baptists

An Open Letter To Younger Southern Baptists by Nathan Akin News broke last week that Dr. Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, would be appointed President Emeritus of the school, effective immediately, to which Dr. Patterson accepted. Part of the statement from the board of trustees read, “A special meeting of the SWBTS […]

Register For The Global Hunger Relief Run 2018 At The Southern Baptist Convention

8 billion people in need. 13 Southern Baptist organizations. 1 morning of your time. At the Global Hunger Relief Run, you can join with 13 SBC organizations the morning of June 13 to combat a life-threatening crisis affecting nearly 8 billion people around the world:  hunger. Across every nation, and even every county in America, […]

Don’t Miss These 2 ERLC Events at #SBC18

We’re excited to gather in Dallas soon for #SBC18! Before the Convention starts, the ERLC is looking forward to hosting two different events you don’t want to miss. 1. Friday June 8-9  Arrive a few days early for #SBC18  to hear from Russell Moore, Jen Wilkin, Albert Mohler, J . D . Greear, Afshin Ziafat […]

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