Top 5 Posts of 2018

As the writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens“. If you’re like many, perhaps at the end of each year you too like to ponder the past twelve months.  We at Baptist21 are no different. As each year sunsets, we find it advantageous to take stock of our most-read posts, vital metrics, and to gauge the soft-points we can undergird in 2019. Below you will find our top 5 posts from 2018, along with a brief overview, followed by some of the newer things at Baptist21 our team is most excited about for the future!

1) The Time is Now: Why I Will be Voting for J.D. Greear – by James Merritt

Former SBC President, and pastor of Cross Pointe Church, Dr. James Merritt was an early and vocal supporter of JD Greear’s presidential candidacy for the 2018 SBC election. Read about why Dr. Merritt specifically felt that Dr. Greear was the right man at the right time for Southern Baptists.

2) An Open Letter To Younger Southern Baptists –  by Nate Akin

During a time of a turbulant season for our denomination, our own Nate Akin offered insight as to why young SBC’ers should remain and be excited about cooperating in the SBC.

3) Why I Am Hopeful, Confident, and Excited for the Future of the IMB – by Paul Akin

In a year which sported multiple entity leadership departures, Dr. Platt’s resignation was a surprise to many. Hear from Dr. Platt’s own Senior Aide in this article expressing how this leadership transition could ultimately benefit the cause of Christ among the nations.

4) Dr. Paige Patterson and the SBC: 3 Ways B21 is Praying – by Jed Coppenger

As an organization mostly serving pastors, many of our audience knows what it is like to be caught in the grips of controversy, especially with emotions running high. During the early days of a firestorm that ultimately led to Dr. Patterson’s dismissal from SWBTS, Jed Coppenger offered sage advice on how Southern Baptists ought to pray during such trying times.

5) Setting the Record Straight: An Exercise in Brotherly Love – by Danny Akin

The 2018 SBC presidential election saw a lot of highs, and unfortunately, a few lows. SEBTS President, Danny Akin, took time to set the record straight regarding one of his professors and former students, JD Greear, destroying rumors and slanderous statements with facts that showed Greear was a prime candidate for the SBC.

The Future of Baptist21

Looking forward to 2019, we would like to briefly express some of the aspects we’re most excited about at Baptist21. For starters, we hope to see you all again at our annual luncheon at next year’s SBC gathering in Birmingham, AL (details coming soon). Our team is also optimistic about further deepening our partnership with the Pillar Network in 2019. If you’re unfamiliar with Pillar, they’re an organization that helps like-minded churches plant & revitalize other churches throughout our denomination. Finally, we’re looking forward to the expansion of our podcast in 2019, with more episodes, guests, and answers to the questions you want to ask our denominational leaders. If you haven’t heard the podcast yet, click here to listen to our recent interview with SBC President JD Greear.