Sola Scriptura: The Primacy of Scripture in the Work of Missions

  It may seem obvious, but I’m going to say it anyway: the primacy and necessity of the Bible must never be assumed—especially in the Great Commission. The importance of keeping this truth ever before us cannot be overstated. As I write this from a plane in East Asia, I can’t help but reminisce over […]

The ERLC, Prestonwood, And The Mission

Since 1845, Southern Baptist’s have focused on “… eliciting, combining, and directing the energies of the Baptist denomination of Christians, for the propagation of the gospel….” While it’s true that our faithfulness to this cooperative mission has varied over the years, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed with gratitude for the grace of God so […]

Who Is My Neighbor – The Refugee/Immigrant Edition

  With all of the heated conversations I’ve  heard concerning immigration and the refugee crisis (often brought to the forefront by this election cycle), I’ve been constantly reminded of the parable of the Good Samaritan Jesus tells in Luke 10:25–37. As Christians we have to be careful to think about these issues biblically, first and foremost not […]

Revisiting the 50/50 Split: A Call to All State Conventions

  It’s almost that time of the year again. The dust has settled from the annual meeting among Southern Baptists from around the country, and now it is almost time for state conventions to host their annual meetings. We will meet to discuss what God is doing among our churches, how to better encourage one […]

Knowing the End from the Beginning

Today we feature an article by Peyton Hill, the Lead Pastor at Highland Baptist Church in Grove City, OH and frequent contributor to B21.   I confess. When I read a book I often like to read the last few paragraphs of the final chapter before I even start to work through the preface. I want […]

B21 Panel Video SBC 2016

  At this year’s momentous SBC in St. Louis, B21 gathered key leaders in evangelicalism–J. D. Greear, Danny Akin, David Platt, Albert Mohler, Matt Chandler, Russell Moore–to discuss pressing issues in the SBC and evangelicalism as a whole. B21’s own Jon Akin moderates this year’s panel that touches on issues such as the decline of […]

Pastor as Evangelist

As a pastor, I cannot expect church members to do what I’m not willing to do, myself. I believe it’s safe to assume that most pastors would agree with that statement. A pastor preaching on generosity, but isn’t giving financially to the church, would be quickly rebuked if exposed. Similarly, one who emphasizes the importance […]

5 Takeaways from 2 Weeks With Some Unreached People Groups

The below post is from Jed Coppenger, Lead Pastor of Redemption City Church in Franklin, TN. It came from a recent trip he led with his church. We’re thankful that the leadership of B21’s heart beats to reach the nations with the gospel. We’ll be talking at our panel about international missions strategy, the future of the IMB, […]

What can your church do to impact the nations this Christmas?

Every week Southern Baptists cooperate together to give financially to the ministries of the Southern Baptist Convention through the Cooperative Program. Some churches give a few hundred dollars, while other churches commit more than 10% of their weekly financial gifts to the Cooperative Program. Much of the money given goes to help our state conventions, […]

10 Instances When Short-Term Trips are Helpful Part 2

This is the fourth and final post in a four-part series on the effectiveness of short-term mission trips. If you missed the first installments on when trips are unhelpful, you can find them here: part one / part two. If you’d like to read the first part of how trips are helpful, you can find that here. These […]

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